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About Rebel Tart


Rebel Tart is an independently-owned brand designed and made in St. Louis, MO. As a brand, we believe fashion should be fun and inclusive regardless of size, height, age, gender, whatever may be. A mix of timeless silhouettes with outrageously playful prints, Rebel Tart is on a mission is to empower others to come into their own without rules or limitations.

Currently, all of our items are designed and made-to-order by our founder, Cindy Henry. As such, our line is produced in small, limited quantity runs.


Like any coming-of-age story, Rebel Tart began with a little bit of heartache and a whole lot of heart.

In 2010 as a wayward twenty-something, Cindy was deep in the throes of a recent break up. Tired of watching rom-coms and crying into glasses of wine, she dried her eyes and decided she had to create her own happiness however she could. She went into her makeshift sewing room (which back then was a closet), grabbed some fabric, and did exactly what she set out to do: create happiness in the form of the first garments that launched Rebel Tart.

In the earlier years, Rebel Tart was created for runway shows and photo shoots; later the brand shifted to commissioned garments for private clients. As a petite individual herself, Cindy embraced creating for individuals of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. Appreciating just how not cookie-cutter people really are, Cindy loved the excitement her clients felt when they slipped into one of her creations. But just like a certain redheaded mermaid, Cindy wanted more for Rebel Tart; she wanted to create happiness for others through everyday fashion. After a decade designing and refining a brand that is vibrant and versatile, Rebel Tart officially relaunched in October 2020.


Cindy Henry-Founder, Designer, & Seamstress

Cindy is the powerhouse of Rebel Tart; acting as the founder, designer, seamstress, photographer, marketing manager, site developer and more. Her designs appeal to her own personal aesthetic— whimsical, colorful, and versatile—and there isn’t a single garment in the Rebel Tart line she wouldn’t wear! Cindy is also a multi-award winning designer, with previous accolades including winner of the People’s Choice Award at St. Louis Fashion Week’s “Project: Design!” competition and featured costumer in Xbox 360 Magazine’s UK edition. Her style is heavily influenced by the 1940s-1970s with a spunk of the 1980s. She finds inspiration in the spirit of rock music, pop art, retro aesthetic, and style icons like Iris Apfel and designer Betsey Johnson

Morgan Epperson-Patternmaker

Morgan is the patternmaker extraordinaire for Rebel Tart. In her own words: “I love how inclusive Rebel Tart is in sizing. We want every woman to feel beautiful and confident, and to express her sassy side. I love its modern flare to vintage styles!” In addition to her work with Rebel Tart, Morgan is currently the Senior Patternmaker for Weissman Theatrical Supplies— an American costume and dancewear design company. As a creator, she finds inspiration in 1970’s fashion and décor, rockabilly style and John Waters films, the works of visual artist Man Ray, and designers Oleg Cassini and Bill Belew.


Ashley Jones Wood-Fiber Artist

Ashley is the fantastic fiber artist for Rebel Tart and is something of a jack of all trades when it comes to crafts. She taught herself to knit ten years ago out of boredom, picked up cross-stitching shortly after that, started crocheting next, and ultimately learned how to sew a couple of years ago! (It's really only a matter of time before she owns her own alpaca.) She has a deep-rooted love of vintage and quirky fashion and is an expert thrifter. You can usually find her working on several projects at once while snuggling with her dog and watching The Great British Baking Show for the fifth (or sixth) time.