Rebel Tart

Rebel Tart is a St. Louis based fashion label designed by Cindy Henry. Launched in September of 2010, Rebel Tart's signature style is inspired by Pin Up, 1950s swank nightlife, and rebellious musical icons from the latter part of the 20th century: Blondie, Joan Jett, and Cyndi Lauper. Rebel Tart is often described as Pin Up meets New Wave or Bettie Page meets Cyndi Lauper. Rebel Tart uses both new and recycled textiles to create exclusive, limited quantity clothing that appeals to the modern day eclectic woman. By mixing bold patterns with a bright color palette, Rebel Tart garments stand out amongst the crowd. This edgy, unique label is built on a foundation of polka dots, animal print, ruffles, chains, and bows. Rebel Tart is more than just a line of clothing; it's an "Experience".



Rebel Tart's mission is to fulfill its customers' needs with eccentric, sexy, feminine, limited quantity clothing that appeals to their need to express their individuality. The Rebel Tart woman is confident, daring, self aware, a visionary and wonderfully serendipitous. With the right amount of sass coupled with a touch of femininity, Rebel Tart encourages women to take risks, embrace their wild side, and rock insanely fabulous fashion.



Cindy Henry is the Owner / Head Designer / Seamstress for Rebel Tart. Learning to sew at the age of seven, Cindy has been sewing and designing freelance for eight years, refining her eye as a designer and perfecting her technical skill. Cindy has worked with over 50 private clients catering to their design needs. She is the one-woman show behind the production of Rebel Tart, acting as the designer, seamstress, textile procurer, and financial backer. She approaches Rebel Tart's creative mission by designing what appeals to her own taste and style. She studied textile design and costume design at Washington University in St. Louis in 2009. Her accolades include winning Peoples' Choice Award at St. Louis Fashion Week's Project:Design! Competition (2011), 1st and 2nd Place winner at the St. Louis Science Center's Eco-Friendly Fashion Show (2010), 1st and 3rd Place winner at the St. Louis Science Center's Eco-Friendly Fashion Show (2009), 2nd and 3rd Place winner at the St. Louis Science Center's Eco-Friendly Fashion Show (2008), as well as several costuming awards across the Midwest. Cindy has also been a featured costumer in Xbox 360 Magazine's UK edition and has had numerous feature articles covering her line in the Riverfront Times, 12 Questions online blog, Sustainablog, and Currents Newsletter.