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Super-Secret Portfolio Instructions for Cindy

To update your portfolio, you'll need to do two things.  First, upload the image(s) you want to use.  Second, edit the text of the portfolio page to add titles & descriptions to these images.  (This involves editing some code!  Don't worry, you can just copy/paste.  I'll show you what you're looking for.)  

First, go to and click on the Pages link in the left-hand menu:


Click on the link to the Portfolio page:


You'll see a window where you can edit the content of the portfolio page.  You should see all the photos that are currently in the portfolio; if you click in here and hit any of the arrow keys, you'll see that you have a great big cursor that is moving around the document, just like the cursor in a regular text document.  

Put the cursor wherever you want to insert a photo.  Then, click the Insert Image button.


This will bring up a dialog where you can upload a photo, or select one that's already been uploaded.  Upload or select the photo you want, and choose a size from the drop-down menu (I'd go with the largest size). Click the green "Insert Image" button at the bottom of the dialog to finish.


Now, here comes the tricky part:  adding titles and descriptions.  

Click on the "Show HTML" button way over on the right side of the screen:


You'll see a window of code like this:


To make this easier to read, I'm going to manually add some line breaks.  This is the same code as above.  See the four different <img> tags?  Those are links that tell your portfolio page where to find the image files to display.


Now, take a look at the first <img> tag.  Do you see where it says "data-title" and "data-description"?


The text within the quote marks after data-title and data-description will show up in the portfolio gallery as (you guessed it) the title and description of the image.  To edit the title or description, just type in whatever text you want between the quote marks.  

When you first upload a new image, the image tag won't have data-title or data-description attributes yet.  Just copy this text:

data-title="" data-description=""

and paste it in at the end of the image tag - right before these characters:


Then add the title & description you want.  When you're done, click 'Save' at the top of the page, and visit the portfolio page in your browser to see if it looks the way you want:



If you want to look at all the photos you've uploaded:

Go to and click on the 'Settings' link at the bottom of the left-hand menu.


Click on the 'Files' link in the left-hand menu on this page.


This will show you all of your uploaded files.  You can use the 'Upload Files' button to upload multiple images at once.